Sociological Theories 2020

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2020 Final Essay

Usually, I have two lecture courses for the autumn semester, and there are about 60 students in the respective classes. I grade only by examination in the intermediate course, and I read about 60 essays in the advanced course. However, due to the corona pandemic, I find it very difficult to conduct examinations online. Thus, I have to grade students based on essays. This year, I have unusual 200 students in the two lecture courses, and it will take an amazing amount of time to complete grading. Therefore, I have to set a deadline earlier than usual. Please understand this very exceptional situation.

1. Submit an essay on a major topic (topics) discussed in the textbook. Write your own ideas referring to the contents of the textbook and demonstrate your own ideas. In your essay, you need to show your proper understanding of the textbook.

2. Deadline: January 8th (Fri), 2021, 23:59

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3. Write your essay in around 800 words
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1. About this Course

This course is an introductory course to sociological theories. In the class of eIntroduction to Sociologyf(spring semester), students study the basic ideas of sociology focusing on empirical topics such as city, gender and religion. In this course of eSociological Theories,f we focus on theories rather than empirical topics. Detailed information will be provided on Please check the website before registration. Detailed information will be provided on We will use the textbook from the first class. Please bring your textbook.

2. Textbook

David Inglis and Christopher Thorpe, 2019, An Invitation to Social Theory, 2nd edition, Polity Press
ISBN-13:978-1-5095-0640-8 (paperback)
The digital version is also available on Amazon.

3. Schecule

10/01 An Introduction to Sociology

10/08 1. Classical Paradigms

10/15 2. Functionalist and System Theory Paradigms

10/22 3. Marxist and Critical Theoretical Paradigms

10/29 4. Phenomenological Paradigms

11/05 5. The Symbolic Interactionist Paradigms

11/12 6. Rational Choice and Exchange Theory Paradigms

11/19 7. The Process Sociological Paradigms

11/26 8. Structuralist and Post-structuralist Paradigms

12/03 9. Post-Modernist Paradigms

12/10 10. Structurationist Paradigms

12/17 11. Feminist Paradigms

01/07 12. The Actor-Network Theory Paradigm

01/14 13. Globalization Paradigm

01/21 Conclusion

4. Grading

Final essay 100%
If students take inapproapriate actions (plagiarism, or something like that), some marks will be reduced.

Final Essay
As for final essay, pelase read instruncions on the page of this course on the Waseda Moodle.