Sociological Theories

1. About this Course

This is an introductory course to sociological theories. In the class of eIntroduction to Sociologyf, students study basic ideas of sociology focusing on empirical topics such as city, gender, religion. In this course of eSociological Theoriesf, we focus on theories rather than empirical topics. Detailed information will be provided on Please check the website before registration. Detailed information will be provided on The textbook will be used from the first class. Please bring your textbook.

2. Textbook

Pip Jones, Liz Brandbury and Shaun Le Boutillier, 2011, Introducing Social Theory, 2nd edition, Polity Press

This book is available at the coop book shop.You need to bring the book every time.

3. Schecule

10/04 Orientation

10/11 1. An Introduction to Sociological Theory

10/18 2. Marx and Marxism

10/25 3. Emile Durkheim

11/01 4. Max Weber

11/08 5. Interpretive Sociology

11/15 Additional Contents

11/22 Review and Exam
The exam is not an open-book system. You cannot read the textbook during the exam.

11/29 6. Michel Foucault

12/06 7. Social Structures and Social Action

12/13 8. Postmodernity, Postmodernism and its Critics

12/20 9. Rethinking Modernity

01/10 10. Fenimist and Gender Theories

01/17 Additional Contents: Contemporary Theories

Plese enter the password: The first 2 fugures are the number of the building in which we study. The last 3 fugures are the number of the class room of this course.

01/24 Review and Exam
The exam is not an open-book system. You cannot read the textbook during the exam.
The coverage of the exam: From chapter 6 to 10 of the textbook. Additional contents are not included.

4. Grading

Examination 100%
If students take inapproapriate actions (plagiarism, or something like that), some marks will be reduced.

5. Reference to 'Additional contents'

1. Complexity Science (Non Linear Dynamics)

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2. Complexity Theory in Sociology

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3. Organization and Management

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4. Field Theory in Sociology

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5. Postmodernism and Constructivism

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6. Relational Sociology

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