Introduction to Sociology (SILS) 2019

1. About this course

This course is an introduction to contemporary sociology for beginners. In this course, the instructor will explain basic concepts in sociology. The knowledge of basic concepts in sociology will enable students to study more advanced topics in sociology.

2. Textbook

Anthony Giddens and Philip Sutton, 2017, Essential Concepts in Sociology, second edition, Polity Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-5095-1667-4 (pb)

3. Schedule

4/12 Orientation

4/19 1. Thinking Sociologically
Discourse, globalization, modernity, postmodernity, rationalization, society, structure/agency.
(Notes: 'Thinking Sociologically' is the first chapter of the textbook. In this chapter, concepts listed above are explained.
In the class, the instructor will explain these concepts.)

4/26 2. Doing Sociology
Ideal type, qualitative/quantitative methods, realism, reflexivity, science., social constructionism.

5/10 3. Environment and Urbanism
Alienation, environment, industrialization, migration, risk, sustainable development, urbanism.

5/17 4. Structures of Society
Bureaucracy, capitalism, consumerism, division of labor, education, organization.

5/24 5. Unequal Life Chances
Religion, class, gender, intersectionality, patriarchy, poverty.

5/31 6. Relationship and the Life Course
'Race' and ethnicity, social mobility, status, community, family, life course

6/07 Examination from p.4 (Discourse) to p.125 (Life course)

6/14 7. Interaction and Communication
Network, sexuality, socialization, culture, identity, ideology.

6/21 8. Health, Illness and the Body
Interaction, mass media, public sphere, biomedicine, medicalization, sick role.

6/28 9. Crime and Social Control
Social model of disability, social self, stigma, anomie, deviance, labeling.

7/05 10. Poiltical Sociology
Moral panic, restorative justice, social control, authority, citizenship, civil society.

7/12 Political Sociology Continued
Conflict, democracy, nation state, power, social movement

7/19 Examination from p.126 (Network) to p.215 (Social Movement).

7/26 Reserved

Grading will be conducted with 2 exams.