Introduction to Sociology (SILS) 2018

1. About this course

This is an introductory course to contemporary sociology for beginners. In this course, basic concepts and ideas of contermporary sociology will be explained.

2. Textbook
Zygmunt Bauman and Tim May, Thinking Sociologically, 2nd edition, 1990, Blackwell Publishing
You can buy this book at the coop book shop.

We will read the textbook every session. Students must bring the book every time.

3. Schedule

4/11 Orientation

Part One Action, Identity and Understanding in Everyday Life

4/18 Introduction: The Discipline of Sociology

4/25 1. Oneself with Others

5/09 2. Viewing and Sustaining our Lives

5/16 3. The Bonds that Unite: Speaking of 'We'

Part Two Living our Lives: Challenges, Choices and Constraints

5/23 4. Decisions and Actions: Power, Choice and Moral Duty

5/30 5. Making it Happen: Gifts, Exchange and Intimacy in Relationships

6/06 Examination (Introduction, Chapter 1-5)

6/13 6. Care of our Selves: The Body, Health and Sexuality

6/20 7. Time, Space and (Dis)Order

6/27 8. Drawing Boundaries: Culture, Nature, State and Territory

7/04 9. The Business in Everyday Life: Consumption, Technology and Lifestyles

7/11 10. Thiking Sociologically

7/18 Examination (Chapter 6-10)
The exam is not an open-book system. You cannot read the textbook during the exam.


Grading will be conducted with 2 exams. If you are goint to take this course, please get the textbook.