Intermediate Seminar 2018

1. The Contents of this class

In this course, we will study various aspects of culture and society of Japan. Students will pick up some topic from the recommended list ot topics, make research on the topic and make presentations about their researches.

2. Schedule

4/06 Orientation
4/13 Lecture: The Logic of Becoming and Doing
4/20 リアン・福山
4/27 不破・杉本
5/11 見延・宮田
5/18 永見・OK
5/25 岡崎・太田
6/01 猿丸・佐藤
6/08 菅沼
6/15 井上
6/22 田邊
6/29 渡辺
7/06 山森
7/13 武安

3. Essay

Submit an essay on the topic of your presentation. Write about 1000 words.
Submit it at the finel seminar (July 20th). If you cannot submit it in the final class, please post it to 11-1426 (Sakurai office) by July 20th. If you are late, your essay is not acceptable.

Grading: Attendance, Participation and Essay