First Year Seminar 2A 2018 Autumn (Wed 2nd and Thu 2nd period)

Theme: An Introduction to Japan Studies

The theme of this seminar is the culture and society of Japan. In this seminar, we will discuss various topics such as religion, thought, art, music, dance and social relations.
We will read basic but important textbooks related with Japanese culture and society, and have discussions

The first three sessions will be for lectures by the lecturer.
Main part of the seminar will be students' presentations and discussion.
Shcedule for the presentations will be determined after students are fixed.

オギュスタン・ベルク 『日本の風景・西欧の景観』 1990、講談社現代新書 No.1007

菅野覚明 『神道の逆襲』 2001、講談社現代新書 No.1560


Thursday class, Wednesday class
09/27, 10/03 Orientation and introduction
10/04, 10/10 Lecture and discussion

オギュスタン・ベルク 『日本の風景・西欧の景観』
序論・1・2章 10/11 前半:Onuma、後半:Saito、 10/17:Hirata + Nakano
3章+4・5章 10/18 Endo + Hatase, 10/24:Aicha + Araya
6章+7章 10/25 Ishi + Kuramoto, 10/31:Fujiwara + Ito

菅野覚明 『神道の逆襲』 2001、講談社現代新書
1・2章+3章 11/08 Nishimoto + Sakai, 11/07 Kiyohara + Naito
4・5章+6・7章 11/15 Sakane + Sekiguchi, 11/14 Nakagome + Nishida
8・9章+10章・結び 11/22 takahashi + Yamamoto 11/21 Takahashi Haruka + Takahashi Kiichiro

竹内整一 『「はかなさ」と日本人』 2007

11/29, 11/28:T・Uの1・2+Uの3-7 11/07
12/06, 12/05:Vの1・2+Vの3・4
12/13, 12/12:W+X

12/20, 12/19
01/10, 01/09
01/17, 01/16
01/24, 01/23