Advance Seminar on Sociology



Friday 2nd period

PDSchedule for 2020 Autumn semester

Anthony Giddens, The Consequences of Modernity, Polity Press

09/25 Orientation
10/02 01-21: S
10/09 Graduation thesis:W
10/16 pp. 21-36: O
10/23 pp. 36-53: S
10/30 pp. 55-65: S
11/06 School holiday
11/13 canceled
11/20 Graduation thesis: W
11/27 pp. 65-78: O
12/04 pp. 79-100: S
12/11 pp. 100-119: S
12/18 pp. 120-137: O
01/08 pp. 137-158: S
01/15 pp. 158-178: S

* Senior students will make presentations on their graduation theses.
* You cannot cancel your presentation.
A presentation in an advanced seminar is the most important work in a university.
If you are absent from the session you are responsible for, you might have an 'F'.
Even if you are busy, it will not be taken into account.
You can exchange your session with some other student.

QDHow to Study Sociology

RDHow to Refer to Documents

2. How to Study Sociology

2-1. Recommended Textbooks

In order to gain an overall and introductory knowledge of sociology,

(2) Giddens, Anthony, Sociology, Polity Press

is recommended. Though very bulky, this is a very popular textbook, which covers almost all fields of contemporary sociology.

In order to gain basic knowledge of theories of sociology,

Jones, Pip, Liz Bradbury and Shaun Le Boutillier, Introducing Social Theory, second edition, 2011, Polity Press

is recommended.

Two books below are anthologies of important papers of sociology.

Calhoun et al (eds) Classical Sociological Theory (2nd ed) Blackwell Publishing

Calhoun et al (eds) Contemporary Sociological Theory (2nd ed) Blackwell Publishing

2-2. Sociological Associations

{Љw The Japan Sociological Society

American Sociological Association

Part of the program of the annual meeting 2012

British Sociological Association

International Sociological Association

֓Љw The Kanto Sociological Society

cЉw The Waseda Sociological Society

2-3. Journal

The newest information will be learned through numerous sociological jounals. You can read almost all journals at the library.


American Journal of Sociology

American Soiciological Review

Contemporary Sociology

Sociological Methodology

British Journal of Sociology

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RDHow to Refer to Documents

  1. Books:
    Bernard, Claude. [1865] 1957. An Introduction to the Study of Experimental Medicine. Translated by H. C. Greene. New York: Dover.
    1. Mason, Karen O. 1974. Womenfs Labor Force Participation and Fertility. Research Triangle Park, NC: National Institutes of Health.
    2. U.S. Bureau of the Census. 1960. Characteristics of Population. Vol. 1. Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office.
  2. Periodicals:
    Goodman, Leo A. 1947a. gThe Analysis of Systems of Qualitative Variables When Some of the Variables Are Unobservable. Part I?A Modified Latent Structure Approach.h American Journal of Sociology 79:1179?1259.
    1. Goodman, Leo A. 1947b. gExploratory Latent Structure Analysis Using Both Identifiable and Unidentifiable Models.h Biometrika 61:215?31.
    2. Szelenyi, Szonja and Jacqueline Olvera. Forthcoming. gThe Declining Significance of Class: Does Gender Complicate the Story?h Theory and Society.
  3. Collections:
    Sampson, Robert J. 1992. gFamily Management and Child Development: Insights from Social Disorganization Theory.h Pp. 63?93 in Advances in Criminology Theory. Vol. 3, Facts, Frameworks, and Forecasts, edited by J. McCord. New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction.
  4. Dissertations:
    Charles, Maria. 1990. gOccupational Sex Segregation: A Log-Linear Analysis of Patterns in 25 Industrial Countries.h PhD dissertation, Department of Sociology, Stanford University, Stanford, CA.
  5. Web sites:
    American Sociological Association. 1997. gCall for Help: Social Science Knowledge on Race, Racism, and Race Relationsh (ASA Action Alert, October 15). Washington, DC: American Sociological Association. Retrieved October 15, 1997 (
  6. Kao, Grace and Jennifer Thompson. 2003. gRacial and Ethnic Stratification in Educational Achievement and Attainment.h Annual Review of Sociology 29:417?42. Retrieved October 20, 2003 (
  7. Data Sets:
    Deschenes, Elizabeth Piper, Susan Turner, and Joan Petersilia. Intensive Community Supervision in Minnesota, 1990?1992: A Dual Experiment in Prison Diversion and Enhanced Supervised Release [Computer file]. ICPSR06849-v1. Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor], 2000. doi:10.3886/ICPSR06849.

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